Opportunity for Transactional Funding Lenders

Starfury Capital Management LLC is pleased to announce the opportunity for private financiers, credit unions, and banks to participate as Transactional Funding lenders for low risk, high yield investments. These investments are very short term, just one business day and offer 1% yield on the loan amount. Also, the lender only funds the loan after the closing agent has verified that the funds to repay the loan are deposited and committed.

By structuring the transactional funding loan in multiple tranches, we can offer higher yields (up to 10%) for a safe 1-day loan.

This kind of investment is intended for providing 1-day financing to wholesalers who identify a time-sensitive opportunity to bring together a highly motivated seller and a qualified cash buyer for a distressed asset, like bulk REO or Non-Performing Notes. The prospective Transactional Funding lender must provide a Proof of Funds letter with verifiable funds that are available for wiring into escrow on short notice.

We can arrange with our attorneys to write a verified Proof of Funds letter in the aggregate of all participants by reviewing their Proof of Funds to maintain their confidentiality.

Check out the details by watching the video (click here).

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